Sunday, April 5, 2009


wonderful.  inspiring words.  beautiful music.  snowy saturday morning.  gorgeous sunny sunday.  amazing family.  laughing.  eating cheesecake.  discussing.  high heels.  sore feet.  birthdays.  trax ride. downtown.  joyful.

toast and twilight

Stef made me this yummy, pretty breakfast this morning...
  maybe she was trying to make up for this...

haha!  Stef got me this year for April fools by recreating the twilight DVD I had just purchased (she hates it, i love it) and then running over it with her car!  She wrote a letter that said she was so sorry, it must have fallen out of her bag and that she would buy me a new one. Anyway I found the real case and DVD's under my pillow that night.  
Thanks for the good laugh Stef AND the yummy breakfast!