Thursday, November 29, 2007

Whoa! I haven't blogged forever. Sorry! I have blogger's guilt, especially after I was told by many of you that you check often to see if I updated anything. There's been so much going on..where do I begin? November has gone fast.. My parents were here for a few days which was so fun..check out my Dad's flickr site for his amazing NYC pics. Then before I knew it, I was in Logan for Thanksgiving with the whole fam. I'm so grateful for my amazing family and friends...I love you all so much!! This week started out rough with a red eye flight and my suitcase zipper breaking..that's the worst feeling when you see your boot, then makeup bag coming down the baggage claim belt! Then on Tuesday I fell down the stairs at Anthropologie..yes, you can laugh..haha, the pain is gone now. Do you think that was a sign to leave?! Anyway, yesterday was magical with the tree lighting in Rockefeller center, we watched the celebration from my office and then the security guard hooked us up with a great spot when they actually turned on the lights. I'm so happy to be here for the Christmas season, there's something in the air! :) So, these are my random adventures and mishaps from the last month. I'm still waiting for my camera to be fixed..I do better blogging with my pics...stay tuned!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Just do it

This week has been a fun one for my runs through Central park. It's beautiful and I'm always discovering new parts of the park, but this week was especially interesting to watch the set up take place for the NYC marathon, which has more than 90,000 participants. It started with the finish line (that I pretended to run through after 26 miles..haha..really just about 26 min, but someday!), then tents were placed through out the park, tons of trailors were brought in, news interviews yesterday, and a line of 10 Polar spring water trucks. I could feel the excitement in the air yesterday as I walked home from work and saw many people picking up their marathon gear. This morning as I entered the park for my run I discovered a race already happening- the men's olympic team trials! I was able to cheer for Ryan Hall who took first place and to my suprise... my friend from BYU, Nick McCombs! I ran across the park to meet Nick at the finish line. I had no idea he was running this weekend, so it was a fun reunion. Nick already qualified at the St. George marathon, so this race was just for "fun"! amazing! Good luck to Keila, my friend from the ward, running in the marathon tomorrow! Running a marathon is on my "list" of 100 things to do in my life, this week definitely reminded me of that goal and inspired me to go for it!