Saturday, February 26, 2011


this year... last year...
very different, both very fun! :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

thank you valentine

for my electric blanket. i'm so warm. :)

girl's weekend

a few weekends ago Stef left the beautiful huntington beach to join me here in the vegas desert. it was such a fun weekend and I was so happy to have someone to hang out with while rich pulled an "all weekend-er" study session. our time was filled with lots of my favorite things: stef of course, dinner at Cardena's (the neighborhood mexican market), thrift store and outlet shopping, volleyball and a picnic with family, exploring red rock, sushi dinner, and lots of girl talk.
p.s. we maybe found some pretty awesome shoes at the salvation army and will now be switching them every time we see each other. yes, we are the sisterhood of the traveling shoes. wow, this was definitely a girl's weekend. hehe!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

white coat time

So I've always heard about the white coat ceremony, but never really knew what it was all about. It's a tradition in some medical professions for students to receive their white coats prior to working with patients. At UNLV, dental students start working in the clinic early in their studies, so that's why they had this ceremony so soon. Along with receiving their white coat, they sign and repeat a professional pledge that basically says they will have honesty and integrity in their profession and do everything in their knowledge and ability to serve their patients. It was extra special to have Dr. Raymond D. Rawson read the pledge. He's a Dentist, former State Senator, Stake President and Patriarch. Rich received his Patriarchal blessing from Dr. Rawson when he was first called as the Patriarch. Rich also worked as a gate guard in his neighborhood the summer before he left on his mission. They would often chat and one day Rich told him that he was going to buy a nice digital camera to take to Tonga. The next day Dr. Rawson showed up with a new camera, memory cards and a gift certificate to Best Buy, all for Rich. It was an honor to meet such an accomplished, generous and humble man. He's in the last picture with us.Way to go Rich!!! :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

saturday architecture exploring...

we thought we'd check out these three cool buildings near the dental school. world market center, the cleveland clinic, and the county building. they are pretty amazing buildings with such unique architecture. it was a great way to enjoy the weather and play with the camera. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

happy day

7 months ago today I married the man of my dreams. time flies. love him more everyday.
p.s. i think that's the biggest smile i've ever had in my life. :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

car talk

have you ever tried to sell a car that doesn't run? well, it's pretty tough! after many months of rich's hard work and negotiations, we finally said goodbye to the land much of a headache as this car has been, we were still sad to see it go. it took us on our first camping trip as newlyweds and a fun little off-roading excursion the day of our las vegas open house. inside there were dance parties in the back jump seats with niece emma and numerous rugs hauled back and forth as i tried to decorate our little home. rich even surprised me with an elliptical (cheap craig's list find) one day that he brought home in the land rover. he was learning lots as he kept up with the repairs pretty well and even put new tires and a lift on it. it was down hill from there and stopped running for good on rich's drive to school one day. if having a car that stopped working wasn't bad enough, our door was torn off in the process of getting it into the garage (my fault for distracting rich so he forgot to take the parking break off while winching it in. eek! have you ever seen a door fly though the air? it's really funny after you realize it didn't land on anyone).so since then we've been trying to sell it (and playing house in it of course).rich will miss it for all the off roading possibilities and yes, i will miss it for it's furniture hauling ability. all sentiments aside, it's a huge relief to have it out of the garage. it was definitely a love/hate relationship with rover. our sister-in-law angie said it best when she described it as the crazy girlfriend that looks good and is kinda fun, but you know the relationship just can't last! luckily we have 5 bikes to fill the void. :)