Monday, November 24, 2008

Sub for Santa 5K

Sugar house park- November 14th, 2008
Jenny, Daws, McCall, Gretch, me, Steph, Santa

Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm a fan..

of being a fan! I've always supported the cougars through my college years- going to sporting events, wearing blue, belting out the BYU fight song at games... but the big game tomorrow has brought my school spirit to a whole new level! I think it must be the fact that I' surrounded by Utah fans everyday, all day at work. My manager and I are about the only cougars on our floor. Anyway, I've definitely had to stand up for my alma mater! To do this I decorated my cubicle and assisted my manager in writting on some of the Utah fan's windows. We may have written the entire BYU fight song on one window..haha. It has been an exciting week to say the least! Yeah BYU!!

my manager with her decked out office..

my cube decor

Our CEO brought around BYU and U football cookies this morning to everyone in the company!
my manager's door didn't make it the entire day..

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Did you know?

today I joined the gym, even though I don't really care for gyms, but my jogs have been determined by the weather lately so I thought I better have some options when the snow comes! Anyway, I was excited to be introduced to the cinema room at this particular gym! This takes care of all the things I hate about gyms- people seeing me red faced and sweaty (it's a dark room), getting bored (movie playing), people checking each other and themselves out in the mirrors (no mirrors).. this is a great invention!

I put together my costume one hour before going to four parties with Stace. Every year I say I'm going to plan something long in advance, but it never changes.. hence my history of last-minute costumes: snowman, Christmas tree and this year, drumroll please... candy corn..haha!!! (Stace, McCall and Steph looked amazing as you can see!)
this girl whips me into shape with her awesome skills and pilates machine and shares my love for delicious frozen yogurt (YES we drove around for about an hour trying to find Red Mango in SLC, there was lots of google texting and 411 calling involved and it was so worth it)! Red mango is up there with Pinkberry. This was after a great dinner at Trio and the Halloween dance show "Thriller".. excellent Saturday night!Jenny extremely excited to have finally found our frozen yogurt! mmmm!

.. now you know.