Sunday, February 24, 2013

too fast

yes, everyone says it, but it's true.  they grow up way too fast.  parker turned 8 months one week ago.  i can't believe it.  i still can't believe i'm a mom, that rich is a dad and that we have the cutest, sweetest, smartest, wildest little baby boy.  i love our little family and i'm trying to enjoy every moment as it flies by. i'm often exhausted, covered in drool and baby food, stressed to get work finished and figure out what park wants all at the same time.  it's hard, yet so wonderful and i wouldn't have it any other way.

8 months.
*beautiful quilt made by my cousin, Jackie
this little man moves non stop, which is probably why he eats so much. :)  he loves to stand and run around in his little walker.  he's also gotten quite good at walking around just holding on to our fingers.  he would much rather be upright and walking around then on his belly trying to crawl.  he's been scooting backwards for the past two months and trying so hard to move forward (and getting pretty mad about not being able to). today he finally started moving forward! all i had to do was put my iphone in front of him and he scooted right on over. thanks technology! we also noticed his first tooth coming up.  teeth are a pretty exciting topic in this household.   :) parker is the best shopping/walking/driving buddy around.  he used to hate the car but now he loves to look around on our adventures out and about.  his entire face lights up when he smiles.  he loves when rich plays the guitar.  he cries when anyone leaves the room or the house.  he loves to be outside.  he doesn't like getting his diaper changed or clothes put on (he used to be fine with it). he's an awesome eater and now feeds himself little pieces of food pretty well.  he loves bath time and will splash the entire time, soaking anyone around.  he loves peek-a-boo.  he says da-da-da all day long as i say ma-ma-ma to him.  he sleeps through the night but wakes up between 4 and 6 each morning and won't always go back to sleep even when i can tell he's still tired.  i've been exhausted and complaining about this but then read the journal my mom kept for me and i did the same thing at his age.  oops.  sorry mom.

so that's the update. we love you parker, so so much!