Monday, January 7, 2013

top 12 in 2012

happy new year!  the past year has been really really good to us. here's our top 12 in 2012.

1.  new years.  sparkly dress. silly games. family time.  a great way to celebrate the new year!

2.  cedar. new tiny nephew. my amazing sister.  beautiful week in moab with cedar, jess, nick and my mom.

3.  spring break.  last minute road trip. san fran. brother matthew and stacie.  cannolis. highway 1. lighthouse hostel.  kite flying along the way.

4.  pregnancy.  huge belly.  swimming and walking.  avocados.  blueberries.  homemade sweet potato fries and ice cream of course.  anxious to meet our wiggly baby boy. 

5. babies.  arden.  chase.  more precious cousins for parker straight from heaven.

6.  health coach job. busy. crazy. hard. rewarding. july 1st work deadline maybe sent me into early labor?

7.   temples. brooke and evan wedding. becca and jason wedding. gma betty and gpa jimmy 60th anniversary.  reminding me of the beautiful plan of salvation and happiness!

8.   friends and family.  utah visit twice. california twice. idaho twice. extremely grateful for numerous visits, gifts, calls, emails from family and friends all year long.

9. rich.  boards passed. orange garage creations.  my best friend supporting me with lots of love, laughs and back scratches. 

10.  parker's birthday.  best day ever.  3 weeks early. movie in the morning.  met our little miracle that evening.

11.  parker. sweetest smile.  non stop jumping and moving. our pride and joy.  answers to guy, tiger, sweet pea, p man, park, parky, little buddy, and blue eyes.

12. motherhood.  amazing. exhausting. beautiful. stressful. funny. joyous. what i've dreamed of and hoped for my entire life. so grateful.