Monday, March 31, 2008

Double take

My runs through Central Park are always entertaining- people watching, dog watching, music listening..but today's run was extra fun! I was running my regular loop when I saw some large groups of people ahead. One guy turned toward me with a giant camera and pointed it my way..I thought it was a bunch of tourists taking pics of anything and everything in the park..haha. Anyway, I was then asked by a random guy to run on the other side of the road. As I moved to the other side of the street I started noticing tents, lights and more cameras around. There right across the street from me were two ladies running with a camera crew filming right along with them. I took a closer look and it was Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson!! I was so excited but just kept chugging along not wanting to make a scene. I then started to question the stars I had just seen so I decided to take another loop and see if I could get in on more of the action. Anyway, 15 min later I got around to the same spot and no one asked me to move to the other side.. so I ran right on through.. right on through the movie set. Right there in front of me about 4 ft away... Anne and Kate! I wanted to give the Devil Wears Prada star and girl that's kissed Matthew McConaughey a shout out but the huge guy in black standing next to them staring me down convinced me not to. :) Anyway, I looked up what movie the two of them are in and it looks like it'll be a fun chick flick coming out next year.
It was a fun little celebrity sighting and good motivation to run the 2 loops! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

health coach confession

this was dinner tonight...

amazingly delicious frozen yogurt!! why you ask? I can't really explain, but it's tart and tasty with every mix in from captain crunch to fresh berries. I'm taking everyone that visits here and opening a store everywhere I live from now on! :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Candy Land!

Last night I met up with Leslie from IF. She just moved out her to attend the French Culinary Institute. It's always so fun to see a familiar face and she was such a good sport to put up with my sniffling and coughing as I have been sick the past few days. We enjoyed catching up during dinner at CPK and then exploring the famous Dylan's candy bar. Dylan is the daughter of Ralph Lauren and when I worked at the camp in Maine this was the "cool" candy on the Upper East Side to get from your parents. You'll be impressed that we didn't buy anything.. maybe because we were too distracted by giant bunnies, candy in the floor, yards of licorice, and every kind of candy bar. We even started talking only using the candy bars (ya know those candy message posters we use to make- this is the place to do it)!! haha, anyway it was so much fun hanging with Leslie.. I see many more explorations of the city in our future and of course I offered to help Leslie with her homework! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Parents weekend!

Mom and Dad came into town on Wednesday and left this morning. It was so wonderful to have them here to hang out and enjoy the city life. They are becoming pros and I even let them graduate to the NFT (Not for Tourists) guide book. hehe. We went to Mary Poppins on Broadway and it was excellent!! Other highlights included lots of picture taking- mostly Dad :),touring the Metropolitan Museum of art, heritage tour on a bus around the city, Staten Island Ferry, watching "Dan in Real life" at my apartment, introducing my parents to yummy skinny cow icecream sandwiches, meeting the coworkers, eating at Josies, grocery shopping, work clothes shopping, and purchasing rain boots (a must in NYC). Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful weekend!