Tuesday, August 6, 2013

update time

Parker is 13 months and 3 weeks!  He is my little dream boat with his big blue eyes and wide smile.  He’s walking everywhere and babbles all day long.  He can say bye, ball, dada (all the time), mama (mostly just when he’s sad), waves hi and bye, makes an awesome vroom vroom sound, along with monkey, dog and cow sounds.  He’s obsessed with wheels so he loves all cars and bikes, just like his dad. Lately he's been giving kisses to all of his stuffed animals and it's pretty much the sweetest thing I've ever seen.  He loves music and to sing along to the guitar or piano.  He's a big fan of books too.

He signs "more" and "please" and points and grunts a lot to get what he wants. He loves his binky and blanket for bed and naps.  He continues to be a great eater with grapes and blueberries being his favorite.  He’s eaten more cherry tomatoes in the last few months than I’ve eaten in my entire life.  If you give him an apple he will carry it around with him while he wanders around and plays and eat the entire apple! I'm a proud health coach mama!
We love our little Park so so much!  It's pretty amazing to see him learning and growing so quickly these days.  I'm so grateful to be his mama.

**picture taken by Rich's brother, Nate, at the Cannon family reunion. Oakley, UT. July 2013. Thanks Nate!!  It's my new favorite!