Saturday, January 28, 2012

january saturdays

something i love about vegas is that you can drive just 30 minutes out of town to play in the snow...

 ... and then spend the next weekend riding bikes around town! 

i also really love my adventure buddy.   :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


wow, i've really neglected the blog these past few months.  other things i neglected from october to december include cooking, cleaning, exercising, and christmas shopping (rich did an amazing job taking over on the gifts this year which you can see here), just to name a few.  i did feel good that i was able to help with our ward christmas party, but realized i probably cried about it more than helped.  oops.  but it's definitely all worth it for the cute little bean we get to meet at the beginning of july!!  i'm feeling so much better now at 16 weeks, so i'll try to get back to blogging and other important duties like making sure rich doesn't try to live off of cheetos. ;)

here are some pics for a quick update of what i did do in december (besides go to work, lay around and eat goldfish crackers). 

went climbing with the pros, jess and nick.  the one climb i did was the only exercise i did in 3 months.  jess was a climbing machine and left me in the dust.  she had baby cedar just a week and a half after this picture was taken!  amazing sister!  also pictured below, i got my christmas wish- a really tall tree that took up way too much space in our living room. 

my big brother maffoo came to vegas for a day before we took off to idaho for christmas. yay!

our weekend in idaho/utah was spent with our adorable nieces and nephews, visiting the nativity display at the museum that my mom is in charge of every year, video chatting with jape in london (google added a nice touch allowing us all to be reindeer on christmas), and the neeley christmas eve progressive dinner and program in logan (one of my favorite traditions)

then it was back to vegas for more festivities and to meet the newest member of the family, maisy!! 
weston doesn't look too excited about the huge gift he just helped nana and pop open.
playing with crazy uncle rich (although andrew looks like the crazy one in this picture)
precious maisy

we also had a very entertaining new years eve party...

the best christmas present came a few days after christmas.  welcome to the world cedar!
okay, that's the update.  it was a really really great month.