Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

4 months

Our precious Parker is 4 months old!  I can't believe how much he grows and changes each day.  These days I find my face hurting from smiling so much at him all day trying to get one of his adorable grins or giggles.  The other day Parker and I had the giggles in the car.  The more I would laugh he would just join right in.. it was pretty much the best car ride of my life. :)

I love seeing Rich as a dad.  He is so loving and fun.  I've heard him sing songs I had no idea he knew and use voices and faces only reserved for his little guy.  It melts my heart.  Parker loves his dad too as you can see below!   

Parker also loves to be outside, go for walks, stand up, play with his toys (put toys in his mouth), and try to grab his feet.  He doesn't like his car seat, being held in the wrong position or taking naps. He's such a wiggly little guy and so curious about the world.  He doesn't want to miss anything. :) At his 4 month appointment he weighed 14.2 lbs (around 30th percentile) and was 25 inches long (about 70th percentile).  Good job growing sweet boy!
So that's the update on our favorite little man.  I decided to copy my cousin Jackie with these monthly updates because I love reading Arden's updates so much.  Thanks Jack!  I'm still trying to figure out the best way to organize my record keeping.  Right now I have pictures on facebook, instagram, this blog, journal entries in my journal, iphone and on Parker's 1st year calendar.  It feels very unorganized which I'm not a fan of at all.  So until I figure out a way to get everything in one place I'll just keep taking about 50 pictures of Parker a day!  Okay, that's all, bye. xo

Friday, September 28, 2012

Parker's favorites

hanging out on the quilt his great grandma betty made him

being outside and going for walks

bath time

trying to figure out these funny looking cameras that are always pointing at him

being talked to and getting people to do the craziest things to make him smile and laugh

he's our favorite

*pictures by my dad of our little guy at 3 months!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 months

Wow, i can't believe Parker is two months old.  We've experienced and learned so much since he was born and I can't imagine our lives without this sweet boy.  While I've never been so emotional and exhausted at times in the past 2 months, I've also never felt such great joy and love.  Rich and I are still in awe that this little guy is ours.  I haven't blogged as much lately since I just stare at Parker and take instagram pictures of him all day, but I wanted to write about some of the happenings of the past two months.  Parker has been busy!

Milk comas all day every day! This would be the reason that our 6lb 4 oz newborn now weighs 11lbs 6oz!  So glad he's growing healthy and strong.  :) 

4th of July festivities.  At 2 weeks old, Parker sported a very patriotic outfit, attended our ward breakfast, a bbq with friends and slept through our little firework show.

Celebrated his dad and mama's 27th birthdays and 2 year anniversary!

Enjoyed lots of baths

Attended his Aunt Brooke's wedding in St George at 4 weeks old and met many of his adorable cousins.

Was given a beautiful perfect blessing by his dad that same weekend.

Had many special visitors, went on adventures with dad- a hike and dip in the ocean and attended his great grandmother's funeral in L.A. 

Has been smiling and cooing more every day!

We love our little guy!

Friday, July 6, 2012


jess and i have always had a thing for babies...
can't believe we now have our own!
*picture by my dad

july 6th

Today was Parker's due date.  I had a feeling he might come early since my mom and sister both had early deliveries.  Luckily I was eventually able to convince my boss of this so we could get my replacement hired and trained at the beginning of June.  Parker timed it perfectly and came on the weekend so his dad didn't have to miss school.  It also worked out well as my replacement was scheduled to start two days later on that Monday!  I'd love to write more details of his birthday sometime, but for now I wanted to share some pictures from an impromptu photo shoot with my dad.  Here's Parker at a week and a half old..
Hanging out in his mama's arms
Beautiful blanket made by his Great Grandma Fran
Tiny guy with Auntie Jess
Our beautiful perfect boy

Saturday, June 30, 2012

our biggest adventure yet

Yesterday my pregnancy app told me I was 39 weeks pregnant.  I guess I forgot to tell it I already had my baby.  :)  I also forgot to tell the blog world this exciting news. So even though those that read this already know that Parker arrived I thought I'd still do a little announcement post.

I can't believe that Parker is already 2 weeks old!  We are so in love with him and think he is just perfect.  He's been patient with us as we are learning how to be parents and take care of a tiny human.  We've learned that I'm really good at giving kisses all day and Rich is a pro at burping Parker and calming him down (along with calming me down).  :)  Parker has many talents that include eating, giving us lots a sleepy smiles and partying at night.  We're so grateful for his safe arrival and all the love and help we've had from friends and family!  My mom was here for a week and a half and saved me as she did laundry, cooked meals, cleaned and organized the entire house and gave me so much love and support.  My Dad, Jess and Cedar arrived this past Monday and also took care of us.  It was so much fun to be together!  Here's a pic my mom took of us hanging out in the backyard.  I love my boys so much!    

Saturday, April 21, 2012

spring break: day 1

as you can see i'm doing a bit of catch up on the blog. we also took an amazing road trip in march for rich's spring break.  we had been talking about driving up the coast to san fran to visit my brother matthew for a few months but didn't do much planning besides saying we wanted to go.  :)  a week before our trip the weather was pretty bad along the coast so we were unsure if we would even make the trek.  a few days before we decided to just go for it so we called matthew and luckily he was still happy to put us up and play tour guide for a few days.  we headed out on our spring break/babymoon/ last minute adventure on monday morning and drove the 9 hours straight to san francisco.  we stayed inland for the drive there and decided we would do the highway 1 drive on the way back.  we weren't expecting much scenery on this first stretch but ended up driving through some beautiful country.   here are some pics from day one of our adventure...

after seeing these gorgeous orchards we decided we're moving here and setting up a fruit stand on the side of the road.

okay, let's hope i'm on a roll with the blog and can get the rest of our trip up in the next few days.  right now i'm going to bed.. this little guy in my belly makes me sleepy.  :)

march madness

our march madness did not include basketball..oops (expect that my belly looks like one).  it was filled with lots of midterms/studying for rich, busy work travel for me and some really great road trips thrown in there too.  i was in st. george for a 2 day health fair in early march so i decided to catch a ride with my coworker back to provo for a quick weekend family and friend tour of utah.  :)  i had a sleepover with ally and becca on friday night which was a blast.  then my sister jess and cedar drove from moab saturday morning and met us for french toast at riverwoods in provo. jess and i continued on our trek north with a stop to meet my cousin jackie and ryan's precious new arden frances in slc (along with their awesome new home).  then on to logan to meet up with mom and lots of family!  i flew out of slc sunday night.  it was a whirlwind trip and i was exhausted by the end but was so happy to get to catch up with lots of family.     

hi c
you can always count on grandma and grandpa to feed us lots of moose bars!

we could stare at him for hours :)

so glad mom made the drive from IF to play for two days!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

january saturdays

something i love about vegas is that you can drive just 30 minutes out of town to play in the snow...

 ... and then spend the next weekend riding bikes around town! 

i also really love my adventure buddy.   :)