Saturday, April 21, 2012

spring break: day 1

as you can see i'm doing a bit of catch up on the blog. we also took an amazing road trip in march for rich's spring break.  we had been talking about driving up the coast to san fran to visit my brother matthew for a few months but didn't do much planning besides saying we wanted to go.  :)  a week before our trip the weather was pretty bad along the coast so we were unsure if we would even make the trek.  a few days before we decided to just go for it so we called matthew and luckily he was still happy to put us up and play tour guide for a few days.  we headed out on our spring break/babymoon/ last minute adventure on monday morning and drove the 9 hours straight to san francisco.  we stayed inland for the drive there and decided we would do the highway 1 drive on the way back.  we weren't expecting much scenery on this first stretch but ended up driving through some beautiful country.   here are some pics from day one of our adventure...

after seeing these gorgeous orchards we decided we're moving here and setting up a fruit stand on the side of the road.

okay, let's hope i'm on a roll with the blog and can get the rest of our trip up in the next few days.  right now i'm going to bed.. this little guy in my belly makes me sleepy.  :)

march madness

our march madness did not include basketball..oops (expect that my belly looks like one).  it was filled with lots of midterms/studying for rich, busy work travel for me and some really great road trips thrown in there too.  i was in st. george for a 2 day health fair in early march so i decided to catch a ride with my coworker back to provo for a quick weekend family and friend tour of utah.  :)  i had a sleepover with ally and becca on friday night which was a blast.  then my sister jess and cedar drove from moab saturday morning and met us for french toast at riverwoods in provo. jess and i continued on our trek north with a stop to meet my cousin jackie and ryan's precious new arden frances in slc (along with their awesome new home).  then on to logan to meet up with mom and lots of family!  i flew out of slc sunday night.  it was a whirlwind trip and i was exhausted by the end but was so happy to get to catch up with lots of family.     

hi c
you can always count on grandma and grandpa to feed us lots of moose bars!

we could stare at him for hours :)

so glad mom made the drive from IF to play for two days!