Wednesday, January 16, 2008

one more thing..

cool tree in cp

Congrats Angie!!!

My dear friend Angie is engaged! We all had bets on who would be the first to go.. Congrats Ang & Allen!!!

Rebbie (Becca)and Ria (me) Reunion!

It was so wonderful to have Becca stay with me for the past two weeks. She introduced me to this amazing city so I was glad I could give something back. :) We had so much fun walking around the city (Becca was impressed that I can now keep up with her w/my fast city walk), eating at josies, watching movies, trying not to freeze, laughing, shopping, watching NYC ballet perform Romeo and Juliet from the 5th row center, talking about Romeo, dreaming about Romeo.. it was an amazing 2 weeks..THANK YOU REBBIE!!

not happy with the cold..

Christmas lights still up.. it makes the cold a little less miserable

New York City Ballet- Romeo & Juliet..beautiful!

my new crush..Robert Fairchild (Becca's good friend), 19yrs old, performed the role of Romeo..I never really watch the guy dancers but I couldn't keep my eyes off him- incredible dancer!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fancy schmancy holiday work party

at The Boat House in Central Park..

Krishna and I ready to brave the cold in our red dresses- boots and all (we had to wear our red dresses to the party)

Yeah Health coaches!

Sheree enjoying the excellent band!

Krishna and I loving the limo ride home.

One item from the gift bag..I think I would have rather had a raise..haha!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Here are some of the highlights from my break...
A White Christmas!! (I think I was in elementary school the last time we had this much snow- it was beautiful!)

Christmas pictionary..

Mom's amazing poppyseed delicious!

Pedicure w/ mom..thanks so much Jess!!

Snowboarding at Targhee w/ Jess..

Christmas puzzle and graham cracker creation videos..
singing together..numerous dance parties (Hairspray and Jape's techtonic moves).. new games- sanity & ticket to ride...Dad's amazing driving skills- blizzard with no windshield wiper..whole wheat pancakes on Christmas morning...suprising Lydia.. Wendy wrapping random food items for thoughtful gifts..sleeping for 3 days while mom nursed me back to health.. being with amazing family and friends- I love you all and miss you!
oh and of course Jess modeling her Christmas sweater..hehe