Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Here are some of the highlights from my break...
A White Christmas!! (I think I was in elementary school the last time we had this much snow- it was beautiful!)

Christmas pictionary..

Mom's amazing poppyseed bread..so delicious!

Pedicure w/ mom..thanks so much Jess!!

Snowboarding at Targhee w/ Jess..

Christmas puzzle and graham cracker creation videos..
singing together..numerous dance parties (Hairspray and Jape's techtonic moves).. new games- sanity & ticket to ride...Dad's amazing driving skills- blizzard with no windshield wiper..whole wheat pancakes on Christmas morning...suprising Lydia.. Wendy wrapping random food items for presents..giving.. thoughtful gifts..sleeping for 3 days while mom nursed me back to health.. being with amazing family and friends- I love you all and miss you!
oh and of course Jess modeling her Christmas sweater..hehe

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