Tuesday, February 19, 2008

long weekend in Boston..

Hangin with the boys after the Science museum (we saw a 3-D bug movie)

Gate to Harvard

Aubs and me wandering, shopping and enjoying Boston and Cambridge

Cool building at MIT (across from Stuart's lab)

I was excited to see lots of 7-11's in Cambridge (haven't seen them in awhile) :)


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

MIA- I am so jealous. I thought we were taking the East Coast by storm (or bus) together. When we get out there you best be joining us!
-Jealous Bec

Aubrey said...

Mia - the pictures turned out great! We had such a fun time with you, especially me. Hurry and come back - even better - just move to Boston. Perhaps we'll come to NYC sometime in March or April. Let us know what weekend would be best for you and maybe we could see a show. When the Sox start playing you'll have to come up for a game. Love you!