Monday, October 13, 2008

huskies, hummers and hikes!

I had the best weekend in Moab with Jess and Nick! Here are some of the highlights..Amazing view of Arches.. we hiked to this spot after we reached the end of the bike trail we were on.
Jess and her sweet shades
Me and my fruit leather..mmmm
Jess and I on the hummer tour
the happy newlyweds
more views from the sunset hummer tour
Haas and dog nephews.. soo cute!
taking a break from some intense biking.. I only had one painful fall, of course right after Jess said, "You're really good Mia!" haha!
cute little Rufus
The famous Castle Rock (view from Jess and Nick's place)
their awesome purple home
making dinner
this is what hummers do.. ahhh(that's me gripping onto the bar)! Nick only drove us up and down this rock about 6 times!
Other highlights include seeing Jess and Nick give talks in their branch of 10 people, eating yummy maverick frozen yogurt and playing yahtzee until we fell asleep.
It was such a fun, adventure filled weekend and the best part was just hanging out with my sis and the new husband! :) Thanks Jess and Nick!!!


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Malandro said...

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Linda said...

Thanks for the pictures! Awesome!
Love, Mom

Glennis said...

Lovely photo from the top. Worth hiking to.
Greetings from New Zealand.

jacq said...

you have some sweet comments on your blog. i would like to second their sentiments, and also say that jess and nick have the coolest life ever.

Andrew said...

I wish I could have joined you for the hummers and the the hikes. I am not too disappointed that I missed the huskies. You are amazing. How are you able to cope such a lot? Have a wonderful night. Sincerely, Andrew

Allyson said...

Congrats on the new nephew puppy. You are such a good aunt.