Sunday, February 8, 2009

how is it already Feb??

January flew by!  I wanted to share that I accomplished two New Year's goals..  I have a different place I want to travel each month and January was my cabin.  Becca and Ally joined me and we had a blast! My other goal is to try a new restaurant every month.  Something I miss about NYC is the amazing food so I'm working on finding that here in SLC. Success this month- I exceeded my goal and went to two new places- Left Fork Grill: a cute little old diner.. it was great food, the cook cleared our table and I definitely want to become a regular there. I hope to someday be sitting at the bar, chatting with the waitresses and saying "I'll have the usual".  :)  The other place was a middle eastern restaurant called Mazza.  Delicious food (lots of it-pic above!) and cool atmosphere.  Oh and I also included some pics from a fancy benefit Stef and I went to.. it was at the Grand America...oops we only took pics in the bathroom.

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Ally Cat said...

February's restaurant will be Ruth's Diner. I'll escort you there personally!
Love the pics!