Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hello. this is a long post. here goes.

here are some things that have made me very very happy the past few months...

talking to my mom on the phone. (picture taken of the sky over Coronado, CA)

 making the finishing touches to my little space.

trying out the local diners.

getting the tour of Jess and Nick's new trailer.

making love sac sandwiches.

enjoying lunch with grandma fran.

and laughs with grandpa gary.

shopping for pretty white dresses for Jack w/ B.

sleeping over in Logan w/ Jess, Nick, Haas and Rufus.

our new version of freestyle walking.. freestyle sitting!

wearing 80's prom dresses and performing an snl skit at stef's golden birthday party

wearing sunglasses and playing with dolls

riding beach cruisers around Coronado

drinking an izze pomegranate soda at the burger lounge on Orange Avenue

hanging out with the ladies in the sun.

yep, very happy!  :)


becca said...

is that bianca booth (maiden name) in the photo with the veils? if so, please please send me her contact info and where she's living. i was friends with her freshman year, but we lost touch!

jacq said...


Linda said...

Love the pictures Maria! You make me happy!

Linda said...
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Ally Cat said...

Love it! Wish we were back there.