Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm thankful

for a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend that included...
hitching a ride to Logan with Jackie and Ryan
eating mashed Idaho potatoes
being with family
laughing lots
video chatting with Jape in London
playing princess with my adorable nieces
seeing the pretty snow and driving safely through it
staying warm with an electric blanket
watching family and ballet recital home videos along with some other silly ones, see here and here
playing pool with my parents
watching Star Trek with Dad
Christmas stocking shopping with Mom
eating pumpkin squares
attending the musical "White Christmas" put on by the Playmill theatre in IF
running into Lynds, Cole and Lucy
staying in my pjs all day
feeling incredibly blessed to share all of this with my amazing husband! :)

*picture by my dad


Bianca said...

Aww mia! sounds like a good holiday! I bet you guys are having the best first everythings. miss you. How's Vegas? xxx

Annette said...

AWWW! I adore you maria! Glad you had so much fun- holidays are way better with a hubby, eh? :)

Cole and Lyndsey said...

It was a treat to run into you too! Love ya!