Thursday, June 2, 2011

memorial day weekend

rich gave me welding lessons. i was nervous but then really loved it and can't wait to work on some new projects. the possibilities are endless when you can sculpt metal!

we loved having aunt diane in town! we checked out the amazing new bridge and hoover dam, ate really yummy food, went to the movies and laughed lots.

we ate breakfast in our backyard. i couldn't wait to use our most recent thrift store finds- the white table and green rocking chair. also i should never buy nutella. it's all i've wanted to eat all week.

oh yeah, we watched some youtube 3-D videos with 3-D glasses. did you know you can do that? neat.

it was so fun to stick around vegas and just relax for the long weekend. we hope you had a great weekend too! it's almost friday again..wahoo!


Ally Cat said...

I sure like the Cannons

Gina Rochelle said...

It's a good thing we had Jesse that weekend and some fun photos to prove it was a fun weekend or I'd have to be really sad reading this post. Wish we were there. Cool bridge pic! Were you super nervous Rich would drop the camera?

Diane said...

Rich was super nervous that I would drop the camera, good to see him sweat.