Sunday, July 10, 2011

one year

it's party weekend here in vegas! yesterday was rich's birthday and today is our 1 year anniversary! so i'm going to write a mushy post. okay? okay. :)

perfect day 7.10.10

i feel overwhelmed with gratitude to have rich as my husband! he's my own personal travel/adventure buddy, comedian, therapist, coach, back scratcher, builder, guitarist, dance partner and best friend!! we've had the best 1st year being married and i can't believe how fast it's gone by and how much my love for rich grows everyday. i'm so excited for our many adventures ahead and feel incredibly blessed and happy that i get to be with him forever!

i love you noni


J. and A. P. said...

YAH!!! Happy ONE year :) I like mushy posts....for the record :)

Phone chat this week PLEAASEE?!!!

Megan said...

Congrats! Happy 1 year!

Steph said...

Awe, this was a sweet post. I like you guys a lot. Sorry we missed the party...we need to get together soon! Oh, and that's a gorgeous picture!

Gina Rochelle said...

Yeah, I guess he's okay :o)
Happy Anniversary!