Tuesday, August 2, 2011

update time

here's some other stuff we did in july...

turned 26 (yep, both of us!)
i loved planning rich's birthday since i had a bit more planning energy this year (no wedding planning for the 4 months before). we had a little surprise birthday breakfast with friends, then took a motorcycle ride through red rock on rich's old seminary teacher's bike. rich was really excited about this, but will probably never want to go again because i made him drive so slow. i'm okay with that. then we went to dinner with rich's parents and i gave him a coupon to buy whatever tool he wanted for his bday(i can't keep them all straight). rich spoiled me two weeks later with a pinata (presents and goodies inside), chalkboard paint on our wall(something i always talked about doing), flowers, and a trip to max brenner's. max brenner's is one of my favorite nyc restaurants and they just opened one here! they gave me a nice little piece of chocolate (pictured below) for my bday. loved the presentation. as a health coach i said good job on smaller portions, as the birthday girl i ordered the s'more sundae. yum!

earned cub scout badges.rich is the greatest to come and help me.. especially when there's a machete involved. :) this is a pretty fun job i have to say. stay tuned for our webelo band!

celebrated 1 year!our anniversary was on a sunday, so after a busy morning of meetings, a musical number and a primary lesson rich surprised me with a sweet video of our first year. the next friday we went to a ben folds concert at the cosmopolitan downtown. it was an awesome concert and amazing venue!

worked on projects.can you guess which project is mine and which is rich's..hehe. rich finished his two projects (thank you mark for the awesome buggy!!). my chair on the other hand still looks about like this. i'll head back to the garage when the temps get back down to the 90's!

downed slurpees on 7/11.rich showed me his secret slurpee ingredient.

showed jape the town for the weekend!i guess you already saw that we rode bikes. we also showed him the strip, the new bridge and checked out the atomic testing museum. my favorite quote of the weekend from jape, "so this is really what it feels like to bake in an oven!" such a great weekend with my big brother!

so there you have it. july was pretty packed and really great. happy summer!


Aubrey said...

Happy belated birthday! You look so beautiful and happy Mia.

When are you coming to Boston? You and Rich are always welcome here.

Jenny said...

Again, Mark,

Nice work stretching the frame, it actually looks like it fits an adult! How's the flex in the middle without the cage?

Mindy said...

Oh my Gosh, that sounds just like something that J Paul would say. I miss that boy!!!