Tuesday, June 18, 2013


parker is one!!  we had a wonderful weekend celebrating our sweet little man, celebrating making it one year as parents and celebrating rich being the most amazing dad for the past year on father's day!  i think parker knew it was his birthday as he woke up so happy and smiley on saturday and sunday. i kept telling him he was one and how i couldn't believe it and he even held up his pointer finger to show that he was one a few times in between pointing at everything. ;) we were lucky also to have my parents here for all the fun! here's my log of all the happy events from the past week.

wednesday. mom and dad arrive. read stories over and over with park. parker cries as my dad leaves for a photo workshop.
thursday. mom helps with park as i work. we try to organize and de-junk for the upcoming move but park mostly gets mad that we aren't playing with him.  ;)  we do throw out 2 garbage bags worth of paper to recycle and lots to donate to the DI!  thanks mom! all this moving buisness stresses me out but i really appreciate my mom's organization skills and enthusiasm.  komex for dinner with rich's parents and aunt diane.
one of my many drawings found while organizing ;)

friday.  more work, organizing, packing.  i run some last minutes errands for parker's party while everyone naps (i've had way too much fun planning his party).  mom and i make oatmeal apple muffins for the party.  they turn out delicious.  parker swims in his kitty pool and loves every second of it.  nice to be outside in the shade.

saturday morning.  parker's party at the park! ;)  i found all kinds of cute paper plates, straws and table clothes at target (of course!) so we have fun setting up. homemade banner, pictures from parker's 1st year, crayons on the tables (my fav) and lots of balloons.  on the menu: breakfast- oatmeal apple muffins, trader joes cranberry scones, lots of fruit, yogurt, blueberry cupcakes made by my dear friend, abby (blueberries are park's favorite food) and a bucket full of naked fruit drinks and water. i have to say it was pretty delicious.  parker's cute little friends come and everyone seems to have fun coloring, eating, blowing bubbles, playing on the toys, eating and helping park open presents.  parker's friend, will, runs around saying "parker" and giving him hugs.  too sweet.  the perfect little party.

saturday afternoon.  naps and talk prep (rich and i are scheduled to give talks in church on sunday). my dad arrives back from his workshop around 6 so we head to another park for our ward dinner.  i'm saying park a lot.

sunday morning.  parker's official bday and father's day!  exchange father's day gifts and cards.  i love giving gifts and making personalized cards.  i'm probably more excited than the recipients. ha. rich and i give our talks at church (father's day and farewell to our ward talks).  i kinda like giving talks ever since i took public speaking in college but still relieved when it is over.  i'm really emotional when talking about moving.  i knew i was sad to move, but i didn't think i was "sad enough to cry in front of 200 people sad."  we've shared a lot with these ward friends- our first few years of marriage and becoming parents. i will miss seeing them every week.
sunday best.. he is so patient with my photo shoots :)
sunday afternoon.  i make dinner.  asian chicken salad, muffins, edamame, and fruit.  rich's dad joins us (his mom is out of town).  we sing "happy birthday" to park and let him dig into his beautiful bday blueberry cake made by another dear friend, jessica.  parker goes to town and probably would have eaten the entire thing if we hadn't stopped him.  we eat more cupcakes, take a million pictures of parker,  and have him open more gifts.  he's so happy with so many people to play with all day.  two of my favorite moments: rich gives parker a remote control truck.  they're both pretty excited about it! i ask rich what we're going to get parker now for future birthdays and he replies, "bigger trucks".  hehe.  i love him.  the other great moment is my dad and rich's dad having some kind of music battle with their phones.  both try to get parker to dance to their music.  parker pretty much dances to it all- primary songs, beatles, adele and every ringtone on pop's phone.  we also video chat with lots of family.  park's favorite is seeing jessica's dogs, haas and rufus and says "woof woof" a lot.
three amazing dads hanging out on father's day!
remote control truck! yay!!
face time with haas and rufus (i mean jess, cedar and nick)
i think it's safe to say parker had a happy 1st birthday!  and even though he won't remember it, i'm going to tell him about it and how giggly and happy he was and how so many people told him "happy birthday" and how all those people love him so so much!


Jackie said...

he is so sweet, happy birthday wohoo! toddler time.

does your "me at 93" looks just like grandma fran? cute. ok. i can't wait to see you guys in august.

Mandy and Brian said...

Looks like so much fun. I wish we could have been there for his birthday! I hope you are coming to the ranch over the 4th!

J. and A. P. said...

Awwwww such a fun weekend! Happy birthday to Parker!!! :)

Heidi said...

Love the pics and the dialogue. Glad it was a wonderful weekend.

Gina Rochelle said...

Such a sweet boy! I wish we could have come to the party and given him a big kiss and eaten that delicious food. I'll save that kiss a couple weeks I guess...

Aubrey said...

Cute party! Happy birthday to Parker!

Linda said...

Awesome record of a special time! So grateful that we could be part of the celebration!Love you!

Linda said...
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