Saturday, October 12, 2013

a friday afternoon

i rarely pull out the real camera these days because my iphone and instagram are so easy and convenient, but i'm always so happy with the pretty pictures when i do.  here are a few from our afternoon yesterday.  of course we love fridays and they are even better because rich usually gets home around noon.  we wandered around calico basin (the part that wasn't closed for this crazy government shutdown), watched rich fly his plane and i taught parker how to take selfies.  he thinks he's pretty funny.  ;) parker is so happy outside exploring and playing, just like his mama and dad.  he's also as obsessed with planes right now as rich is.  i love it and i really love these blue-eyed boys!

okay, that's all. bye.  maybe i'll blog again in a few months.  maybe.  :)


Sara said...

So cute! Fridays are the best!

Abby said...

adorable! it reminds me of when i was where you are--truly happy times (not that now isn't....:)
and btw, i hope you don't feel stalked by me! i am pretty behind on my blog right now, so i'm supporting those who update!

RETA said...

Looks like great fun! What a sweet little guy he is! Beautiful family.


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