Thursday, June 28, 2007

A night to remember..

Last night Bec and I attended a contemporary dance company's perfomance here in NYC. The company is called Cedar Lake and they are absolutely stunning!! They performed Deca Dance, choreographed and set on them by Ohad Naharinn. He is the artistic director of Bec's favorite company, Batsheva Dance Company in Israel. I wish I could describe how amazing and beautiful their movements were.. it was breathtaking!!!

I was just sitting back enjoying the show when all the dancers dressed in suits walked off stage and into the audience. I tried to avoid eye contact as I saw them each pulling a partner from the audience. I'm never the one to volunteer to go up on stage for those kinds of things, so I was relieved when I thought I was safe. Before I knew it Will was extending his hand to me and escorting me to the stage. At first I just enjoyed watching him dance right in front of and around me, but then I just decided to enjoy the moment and do a little jig. The music stopped and I asked if I was done, Will said no and that I was part of the whole act, but he would take care of me. hehe. Anyway, I had a fun time on stage dancing around with a professional dancer...luckily Bec was the only person I knew there to watch my silly moves. She warned me before the performance that it would be different than anything I had ever experienced... I just didn't know I would be a part of the performance. It was a great night!!

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dan said...

Hey Mia, I bet that was pretty fun. You're quite a talented dancer yourself, so I bet those "silly moves" were actually quite graceful. Thanks for sharing.