Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the weekend

It was so fun to have Jack stay with me for the weekend!! I liked playing tour guide and I'm grateful that Jackie let me practice on her since I'll be having two more visitors before I leave the city. Things I learned... don't walk the Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of a July day- you won't be able to make it across it's so hot! If you go at the end of the Today show and talk to the right camera man you could get some yummy strawberries from the set! :) Find out your visitor's favorite dessert rather then taking them to every good dessert place in NYC. Whether you go to a museum in the morning or evening- you will get tired from walking around! hehe- we had a blast. :)
We love NYC!!Metropolitan Museum of ArtMuseum of Modern Art (MOMA)..Jackie studying the blue paintAn awesome part of Central Park that we discovered..

Cafe Lalo- the cafe Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks go to meet in You've got mail (just a few blocks from my apartment).


jacq said...

yay!! that was so fun! but you are wrong, you should definately take your tours to every dessert place. duh!! i love you!

dan said...

Looks like fun! Sounds like Jackie had a great time.