Friday, August 3, 2007


Jackie tagged me… so I guess Im supposed to fill in the blanks…here goes..

places i have lived:
-Idaho Falls, ID
-Fayette, Maine
-Laie, HI
-Island Park, ID
-Provo, UT
-New York, NY

places i want to visit:
-the cabin

things i love:
-morning movies
-pretty cook books
-Central Park
-giving gifts
-Josie’s pancakes
-my planner

things i hate:
-100 % humidity
-haha, that makes it sound like I hate NYC, but I really do love it!

books i am reading right now:
-Pride and Prejudice
-Guns, Germs and Steel
-Book of Mormon
-Light on Yoga

songs on repeat right now:
-hairspray soundtrack.

movies i could watch forever:
-The Sound of Music
-The Man who knew too little
-Love actually
-Finding Nemo

i'd rather be:
-at the beach (Im with ya on this one Jack!)
-reading Harry Potter again!
-sitting in my Gazebo

i'm bad at:
-not blushing
-painting my toe nails
-saving money
-blowing up balloons

i'm good at:
-making lists
-making friends
-making cards
-being happy

thinking about:
-Jess getting to NY today
-my future
-how we are going to fit four girls in our studio this weekend
-how humid it is outside

-wide open spaces ;)


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Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

Hey thanks for tagging me! That was really fun! I hope we can get together when you get back! We had dinner at Dan and Wendy's yesterday and so we NEED to do more cousin stuff! Love ya!