Monday, August 20, 2007


So it's been a crazy few weeks! I got offered a great job in NYC, accepted the job, found an apartment, went home for a week, packed, came back to the big apple and just completed my first day of work! I'm so excited about this job- I get to help people to be healthy and make lifestyle changes- which is exactly what I wanted to do with my college degree. It's amazing that I had no idea what I'd be doing with my life just a few weeks ago and now I have a nice cubical and boss and everything. :) I know that Heavenly Father loves us, is so aware of us and guides us daily! It was so fun to be home. I think I appreciate everything just a little more since living in New York. I enjoyed every moment while home of being with my grandparents, eating moose bars, sitting on the front porch with my mom, seeing dad's excitement for photography, discussing Harry Potter, playing with my neices, learning ways to invest my money from my bro, sleeping in the backyard to watch the meteor shower, watching the same movie three times, seeing my mom's excitement when I let her help me organize my stuff, being with Boomer for her final wedding dress fitting, eating at Mongolian Grill with the Idaho boys, the blue sky, the green grass, driving with Jess, taking a photoshoot of Jess (hehe).... I miss you all! Live and enjoy each moment!
P.S. pictures to come some.. I just can't find my cord in all this unpacking craziness.


dan said...

That has been quite the week! It was great to see you. Thanks for being so good to our girls!

Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

I am so Happy for you! Congrats, that is SO awesome! Now we have someone to vist in NYC!

rebbie said...

I miss living with you in NYC, Ria. I hope you are loving your health coaching duties. It seems like it has been forever since I have seen you and I don't like it one bit. Going from being with you like 24/7 to not seeing you at all... talk about a HUGE BUMMER. You're stunning! I love you! Kisses