Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I like real tag better than blog tag..but here goes... (Briann tagged me).. :)

5 random facts about me:
1) I love helping people improve their lives and become healthy, but here are other careers I've always wanted to have- card designer, architect, secret agent, ballerina

2) I'm obsessed w/ planners..I know, weird. I bought one for 2008, then bought another that I liked more, then my company gave me one. I can't decide which one to use- anyone need a planner?

3) I talk in my sleep..or sometimes yell. Some highlights reported to me by Jess and Bec H.-
"hahahahaaha(laughing at the top of my lungs),"
"Miles, I love miles, how many miles to candy land?"

4)Ways I destress- yoga and moving furniture :)

5)I'm really good at spotting famous people or maybe I just live & work in the coolest places in NYC ;). Recent celeb sitings: Will Smith, Jennifer Garner & her daughter Violet, Conan O'Brian, Bob Sagat and the whole Today show crew every day. fun fun

I tag Jack, B, Stace, Becca & Kate, Jess (you really should update since Germany..hehe), Mike, and anyone who wants to write 5 random facts about themselves... (I really wish I could tag you all in person..can't wait to see you all soon!)

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