Sunday, March 16, 2008

Parents weekend!

Mom and Dad came into town on Wednesday and left this morning. It was so wonderful to have them here to hang out and enjoy the city life. They are becoming pros and I even let them graduate to the NFT (Not for Tourists) guide book. hehe. We went to Mary Poppins on Broadway and it was excellent!! Other highlights included lots of picture taking- mostly Dad :),touring the Metropolitan Museum of art, heritage tour on a bus around the city, Staten Island Ferry, watching "Dan in Real life" at my apartment, introducing my parents to yummy skinny cow icecream sandwiches, meeting the coworkers, eating at Josies, grocery shopping, work clothes shopping, and purchasing rain boots (a must in NYC). Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful weekend!


Two Ladies and No Baby said...

I wonder how many times you will go to the MET while you are living in the Big Apple. Did you wear your big sunglasses indoors?

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Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

How fun! Are you going to be at the Family Reunion? Hope so!