Friday, August 7, 2009

More Moab

It was a blast showing Krishna all over Utah, starting with Moab!  We did it all- sunset hummer tour (thanks Nick!), delicate arch, climbing (thanks Jess!), river raft and kayak trip and Krishna's first camping experience.  Our quote from the trip was "life is eazy" (in a french accent) which one of the french men on our river trip yelled as he floated down the river.  That's the life in Moab! :)  I'm headed down south again tomorrow, this time to Lake Powell with the fam- wahoo!  Laters!


Bianca and Greg said...

looks so fun! come baaaaaaack!

Adrian & Michelle said...

That looks like a blast...I am SO JEALOUS!

Michelle and Adrian Murray said...

Adrain changed me from blogger to we are now I have no idea how to link that to a if it does not work..SORRY