Saturday, August 1, 2009

okay, let's start with the past week and a half...

  went boating with friends on Utah Lake

ran the Pioneer day 10k with Bianca  (6am before fun!)

 celebrated Jackie and Ryan's beautiful marriage with a dinner at Sundance

 turned 24 and ate lots of carrot cake

 took Krishna to have the Moab experience

wandered around the farmer's market downtown SLC this morning and enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon in Park City!

somewhere in between all of that I went to work and got bronchitis.. ugh!  Besides that it's been amazing spending time with close friends and family!!


Bianca and Greg said...

yay! you're posting again. by the way i still really love those shoes you wore to the wedding. i have been looking at them in the picture before this post. love you, see you soon

Ally Cat said...

Love it! Hope you're feeling better.

Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday Mia! I'm sorry I didn't get to see you when we were in Utah. We need to plan a trip with just the girls someday...perhaps NYC? Love you!