Tuesday, September 7, 2010

metal time

this summer Rich was a welder and built up a pretty good collection! road dog sled (above) for Jess and Nick's huskies, Haas and Rufus

spoon man jewelry holder
tandem bike, which we rode all over this summer!
anyway, he had a lot of fun but decided to still become a dentist.3rd day of dental school picture..oops, I didn't get the 1st day..haha. 1st week counts, right? oh and do you like our palm tree? I do!


Linda said...

Love the pictures! So excited to see you soon!

Nan said...

I heard Las Vegas got rain this week! Looks like it wasn't on the 3rd day of dental school.

Jake said...

Rich is now my best friend! Those are the coolest creations I have ever seen anyone make. Please teach me?