Monday, September 13, 2010

trampoline time

speaking of the Vegas open house.. it was a lot of fun! fun to wear my dress again, fun to eat yummy food, fun to meet rich's Vegas people and fun to spend a beautiful evening outside. the best part was having my parents in town and a surprise appearance from these ladies! they even wore their purple dresses.. bridesmaid's until the end! love you B and Al!


Nan said...

Wow, three receptions/open houses. Makes me tired. Looked like Vegas was a ton of fun.

Linda said...

It was so fun! Love the pictures!

Anna said...

Want to see wedding pictures!! :) Oh, and congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Anna {Annette's sister :)}
PS LOVE your dress!

Two Ladies and No Baby said...

Yay! BAAM til the end!