Thursday, December 16, 2010


So, I want to tell you about my December. It's been different than most December's. Usually I'm doing something festive every other night (ugly sweater parties, driving around looking at lights, cookie eating, playing in the snow, etc). Probably doing more of those festive things than thinking about the true meaning of Christmas. Instead of having Christmas cheer every moment this month I found myself home sick for two weeks with a horrible cold, had my feelings hurt at my office and missed my husband since he's been studying day and night for finals. Because of this I've truly experienced what Christmas is all about- our Savior! Being sick I was overwhelmed by the selfless and meaningful acts of service from my sister Jess and Rich. Through my work situation I was able to feel the Atonement work (after Temple attendance and a lot of prayer) to take away feelings of anger and hurt and have them replaced with love. Well, and with Rich studying all the time I just felt so grateful to be blessed with such a hard working and amazing husband.

Of course I don't want to complain or have a pity party for myself. I know my tiny issues are nothing compared to what others are going through, but in their own small way they have taught me more about the Savior. I'm so grateful for His birth, life and atonement for each of us. He knows our joy and pain, no matter how big or small. He will take away our hurt as we go through hard times and make mistakes. I learn this more and more each day.

So with all that, don't you worry, there's still been plenty of Christmas cheer around here... decorating our tree and making random ornaments from things around our house, decorating the mantel, watching the Christmas devotional, reading Christmas stories, wrapping presents, and drinking hot chocolate with giant marshmallows (thank you Cardenas- our favorite Mexican grocery store).I'm looking forward to Rich taking his last final tomorrow, lots of holiday activities next week with the Cannons and then a week in Idaho with my fam!
I hope we can all remember our Savior and see His hand in our lives during this wonderful time of year!


Megan said...

I am glad you are feeling better! Have a fun Christmas time with your family.

Nan said...

Merry Christmas, Mia.

Annette said...

I loved chatting with you- YOU are amazing and I can tell how much you've learned this season. It really all is about the Savior, well said!! I love you girl! Happy HOLIDAYS!

Linda said...

thanks for sharing! So glad you are feeling better and happy that you have such a wonderful life!

college_girl_15 said...

Hey Mia! I'm new to blogging and really enjoyed reading your blog! Sorry to here you weren't feeling well but hopefully things have taken a turn for the better! After all, who wants to be sick with Christmas right around the corner! : )
Happy holidays!