Thursday, December 30, 2010


such a fun night out on the town! it really does feel like we're in a different city when we head downtown.

checking out the new City Center- i love the modern architecture

Rich trying out a marble bench (next project??)...

the largest chocolate fountain in the world... too bad it's behind glass!
all of us trying to look chic at The Cosmopolitan
pretty waterfall
(this is the first line of a haiku)

my favorite
i like
the giant chandelier at The Cosmopolitan (Angie and I like to hug our husbands..hehe)

after walking all over the strip, the walk to our room looked really long!

amazing view from our room!
thank you Shelley and Russ for such a fun Christmas gift!!


Nan said...

I love your life, Mia!

Gina Rochelle said...

haha, I guess we've been married to long because we are so not looking chic and fitting in at the Cosmo. Fun pics though