Monday, January 3, 2011

hello 2011

it snowed in Vegas today!! big, fluffy, beautiful white flakes!

pic from here

also, i found the perfect modern chairs for our kitchen for $5 at the thrift store down the street. i'll show you after i get them painted and fixed up.

then rich and i went to the art store to get my favorite moleskin planner. we watched this for family night, had trader joes pudding and flew his new remote control helicopter. now i'm planning meals for the week, writing down new year's goals, and listening to rich memorize head and neck anatomy.

i loved everything about today. happy new year!


Diane said...

You almost got your white Christmas

Linda said...

Beautiful snow! Happy New Year!Love you!

debs said...

Yay Moleskine!!! Can't live without 'em!