Saturday, April 23, 2011


okay, i think this is the final hawaii post.  sorry for dragging it out, i just didn't want it to ever end.  so besides cliff jumping, hanging out on sunset beach, chilling in hammocks and trying to take cool black and white pictures, here's what we did:

explored pearl harbor

showed the boys how to use these guns...

 found pretty flowers

hiked really fast through these amazing trees (i could barely keep up because of my short legs compared to the rest of the group.. yep, that's my excuse). 

 spent a dollar on fish food to get some go-pro footage for our next documentary

 hiked to the famous treehouse rich and nate built back in 2007 in the hills behind byu-hawaii.  this was definitely a highlight of the trip for me- i've wanted to come here since rich told me about it when we first started dating. 

thanked rich for being so crazy and hauling all the equipment up the mountain and begged him to be a dentist in hawaii so we can live here.

read lots and made lovely faces for the camera

drove all over the island with our awesome tour guide nate and d.j. ang

swam through and jumped off pretty little waterfalls 

spent the day at my former workplace.. the polynesian cultural center

wore cool hats

 found our dream dinner bell

still enjoyed the last day of rain and wind thanks to this pretty site

cried a little when we had to go back to real life
did some fun snorkeling that rich took videos of that i'll have to post at some point- so i guess i'm not done.  haha.  we also ate really great food- pb and j sandwiches by day and thai food, mexican in haliewa, shrimp at romie's shack on the side of the road (yummy but i don't want to see their eyeballs next time), delicious crepe place in kailua, duke's on waikiki, and vietnamese in a grocery store by night.  well i think that's it.  it was an amazing trip and we loved hanging out with nate and angie all week. thanks guys! 
okay, back to real life.  :)


Megan said...

I loved your pictures! It is too bad we were there at different times. I would love to come to Vegas to visit soon! Will you guys be around this summer?

Nan said...

Tree house? Wow! That looks so much fun and it is still there.

Annette said...

How FUN!! Looks gorgeous. You two look SO happy :)