Saturday, May 7, 2011


we took a road trip to utah last weekend to see friends and family, pick up our tandem bike (it's too beautiful in vegas right now to not be riding it around), make a run to ikea and eat some of our favorite food. we thought we would camp and do some hiking, but then realized it's still a bit snowy and cold there. thankfully we have generous friends and fam that let us crash on their floors each night. here are some pics.

with brooke at the byu MOA and a nice stack of books! we were also able to see the incredible Carl Bloch exhibt which was well worth the wait!

had lunch with annette and brooke at guru's in provo (forgot to get a pic with annette... we were too busy eating the yummiest sweet potato fries ever!).

citrus grill dinner with jackie, ryan, greg and bianca (and twin girls coming this summer)!! followed jackie and ryan home and slept on their awesome air mattress with jackie's amazing quilts.
saturday morning we had the best belgian waffles at bruges with the SLC girls. they were so nice to eat there with me even though there's only seating outside (it was freezing!). those waffles are so worth it.
next we took off to the ranch...
I took pictures,

while rich dug our bike out of the snow/ice.

drove back to provo through these beauties...

we met up with brett, beth, joe and jake for a fun day at the park.

performed some tricks. the tandem seems to be doing pretty well after a long winter...

this is rich's friend Joe. he just got back from his mission in italy. he still likes to have a companion...
saturday night we stayed with mandy, brian, jenny and mark. mandy made us the best cookies ever and mark showed rich his cool toys. we also got to see little brian and timmy. they are the cutest! sunday we drove home with tandem and new ikea furniture in tow. it was such a great weekend! how did we get so lucky to have such amazing friends and family?! we miss and love you all!

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