Monday, May 9, 2011

exploration time

we've tried to take full advantage of these weekends at the beginning of the semester when rich doesn't have to study too much. this weekend we took off to explore "little finland". rich discovered it while playing around on google earth one day (a favorite pastime for him). we were surprised we'd never heard of it since it's not too far away (southeast of mesquite)! i'm guessing because it's pretty remote and hard to get to, but polly pocket drove like a champ and what we found was well worth the 2 mph drive through the final wash and dirt road. i will be taking my dad here the next time he's in nevada so he can do these incredible and delicate rock formations justice. we didn't see a single person the entire time we were hiking around although we were surrounded by animals, muppets, and bug hotels...

sunset during our drive to camp

a little discovery at "whitney's pocket"
camped next to this sink hole, "devil's throat". luckily there was a fence around it and neither of us sleep walk!

our introduction to little finland


my nice table and chair

rich says it's a horse, i say it's a dragon

grouchy old muppet man?

bug hotels (my mom loves these)

sorry for the overload of pictures... we went a bit snap happy!


Aubrey said...

These are great pictures! How beautiful.

A STAR is born said...

Definitely a dragon. Duh, Rich.

Nate said...

That place looks awesome! Leave it to Rich and Google Earth to find something like that.

Lifeguard in Hawaii: "It's not very safe today. Have you ever been out there before?"

Rich: "Well... Um... Sort of."

Lifeguard in Hawaii: "Sort of?"

Rich: "Does Google Earth count?"

Gina Rochelle said...

Awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

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