Wednesday, September 7, 2011

shoveling rocks...

was our waterski staff's secret code for personal ski time when lyndsey and i worked at camp vega in maine 7 years ago (oh and my claim to reality show fame is that ashley from the bachelorette was a dance instructor there that year..hehe).anyway, i was pretty excited when i got to "shovel rocks" with lyndsey while we were in idaho last week! lyndsey has been one of my best friends since age 3 and now she's married and has two adorable kids and a boat with a heater. what?! when we worked at vega we would race to the cabins after training and turn our hair dryers on to warm up. what a hard life..ha! so now that i've told you some really important information about our secret code, the bachelorette and hair dryers, here are some pictures from our beautiful day in island park!

sweet lucy me

lynds: pro driver and mom


Miss C. said...

WHATTTT? you never told me about Ashley. I will be calling you up to see if she was as annoying in person as she was on TV.
Looks like water skiing paradise!

Bianca said...

looks so fun. that seems like not that long ago that we were meeting up in Boston to see the world's best camp counselors! I am friends with Lindsay on fb now so that is exciting. Even more exciting is that you are coming to visit. oh my. i miss you! we can hold babies while we talk all about baby sparks coming. ok see you soon! xox