Sunday, September 18, 2011

weekend camping

we had a fun little camping trip with our friends jared and kristine this past weekend. the dune buggy looked more at home cruising through the dirt and sand dunes than down our street. it was a blast!
the real highlights of the trip for me were almost stepping on a rattlesnake in the dark, getting a painful bug bite in the middle of the night, watching a creepy movie before we went to bed (not a good idea for me), hiking through bushes with swarming bees, and listening to howling coyotes as we set up our campsite. yikes, and i thought sleeping on top of the houseboat at lake powell all those years was camping! rich is really giving me a taste of this wilderness therapy. i will say i loved seeing the beautiful night sky, waking up with the sun and hanging out in camping chairs all morning. just please hold the snake next time. thanks. oh and i'll be watching a disney movie before i go to bed. ;)

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J. and A. P. said...

haha. I am the same with movies<---NO scary movies please. Or snakes for that matter. YIKES maria!!

Glad you are safe: )