Tuesday, October 5, 2010

hi and highs

when I worked as a water ski instructor in Maine, we would finish our day off with highs and lows of the day. i loved doing this and rich and I have continued the tradition. so here are some random highs from the past week and weekend...

-reading The Art of Manliness blog to rich in the garage while he worked on the car (doesn't get much more manly than that!)
-going to bed the earliest we ever have in the past year (we were exhausted thanks to that cute party from my last post going until 2 am. thank you to the officer that showed up after numerous calls from us and other neighbors).

-putting these on and dancing around for my exercise one night.. hehe

-playing my violin along to the band Broken Bells and with Rich on the piano

-watching our Webelo compete in the rain gutter regatta

-meeting a neighbor (finally!)

-hitching a ride with Rich's parents to L.A to visit family and friends
-listening to conference and spending time with grandma hatch, aunt diane, kent, kristine, rick, shelley, russ and rich


-meeting up with Jenny and Ryan

-meeting up with Stef to walk along the beach, eat thai food, dip 'n dots and enjoy her awesome rooftop.
-walking to the L.A. river (i enjoyed the very different scenery than most rivers i've been to... graffiti, concrete and the knife (discarded piece of evidence?) rich found in the water)
-picking oranges from grandma's tree

-eating the delicious oranges and enjoying diane's wonderful cooking for numerous meals

-napping, reading, snacking, talking and back scratching all the way home to vegas


Nan said...

I love reading your blog and I am so happy that you are so happy!

Jenny Redford said...

It was so fun to see you! so glad you're just the next state over!