Sunday, October 17, 2010

weekend time.

our friend's Beth and Brett came to visit from P-town for the weekend. we had lots of adventures with them.. but not exactly the adventures we had planned for.. our broken down car, flat tire on the borrowed car we took off roading, Beth and Brett's lost bag and car keys, early morning sunday drive back to valley of fire to retrieve recovered bag and keys... phew! anyway, we still had a blast and can't wait for their next visit!

flat tire on the Logandale trails to start off the day
so we took off to paved roads at Valley of Fire for some hiking... playing with sand my first encounter with a desert tarantulamore sand..haha cool mud and cool holes...B and B and petroglyphs
this little guy made my day (we made sure he made it across safely)
elephant rockpretty drive home


Ally Cat said...

Looks fun. But a tarantula? Seriously?

Jordyn Parry said...

My thoughts exactly Ally! Were you really that close or does your camera have amazing zoom?

mia said...

yup I was that close! aren't you proud? haha. tarantulas actually aren't that scary cause they move really slowly and aren't poisonous. Rich almost picked it up! I wouldn't like it if it was in my house, but it was kinda cool to see on the hike.