Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Today is my Dad's B-day! I hope he has a wonderful day. I know lots of adults that cringe thinking of the day they will be one year older, but dad always talks about how his life is just getting better and how he feels just like a kid. I'll take just a moment to gush about what an amazing dad I have... At this moment he is working hard helping lots of sick and hurt people. He is a healer in my life with his kind gentle words and many many father's blessings. He has so many amazing talents and hobbies! You can check out his awesome photographs from the Dad link! I love that dad is always learning and expanding his mind in all areas of life. I hope I can always be following his example to be the best I can be! One of my favorite things about Dad is his laugh- I can just hear it now! :) Thanks Dad for being the best! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great day and year! I love you!!!


dan said...

I love your birthday entries, Mia. Keep it up! You have a great way of remembering special days and making people feel special on them.

mia said...

thanks Dan!