Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Speaking of four square...

Here's a picture Becca's sister took of me playing four square. Man, I look like a pro! ;) We were posing for pictures for her sports photography portfolio for school. Oh and for the New York update... lots of good running in Central park, great yoga classes, and the job search is still on. Today I walked thirty blocks to turn in a job application, I hope I get the job because I sure did get lots of blisters.


stace said...

cool pict! good luck with the job search Mia, I hope you have so much fun this summer ;) love you.

dan said...

Have you been able to translate 30 blocks into miles? That must have been a long walk (especially if you were all dressed up for an interview). We're praying that you will find everything you need to out there!

jacq said...

this pic is so cool!! love you

j+s said...

you do look like a pro...
so glad you left a comment so i could see your blog.
looks like you are having fun.
maybe you don't need to work this summer!!!
that would be nice.
you should just go apply somewhere fun.. where there are other fun people, so you can enjoy your time there.
keep us updated!!
miss you.
and amy had her baby..