Saturday, May 26, 2007

Week 1

Well I'm just loving the NYC life. I'm still working on figuring out what I'm doing this summer. I found a great yoga studio for an awesome price so I've been taking lots of classes there. I'm going to start ballet with Becca next week- I'm pretty nervous since I haven't taken for over a year! I'm still looking for a job so hopefully I'll find something soon. Here are some HIGHS from my first week...

1- Doing baptisms at the Manhattan Temple

2- Running in Central Park and finding a new route every time- it's huge!!!

3- Walking fast like a New Yorker :)

4- Going to institute at Columbia University (the boy that taught is a convert in the last two years, he rapped about the church at the end of his lesson)

5- Eating healthy amazingly delicous pancakes at Josie's (my new favorite place)

6- Trying to cook with Bec in our tiny kitchen- extremely tiny!

7- Making friends with the doorman

8- Seeing every kind of dog

9- Having the people at Anthropologie tell me I looked like someone that should work there- yesss!

10- Having FHE with Bec, catching up with Bec on the last four year, and doing yoga with Bec in our tiny place -we ended up just laughing the entire time- but that's healthy too! :)

LOWS of the week...

1- Not getting the internship

2- Missing all of you


jacq said...

i miss you!! it looks awesome you crazy new yorker!! you should work at anthro! !!!!! love you

Jess said...

That's my sister! Love you. (can I try some pancakes when I visit?)

dan said...

Glad to know that there were more HIGHS than LOWS. :) Sounds like a great experience!

mia said...

I know Jake- antro would be so fun, I'm taking in my application today...Jess- I'm taking you to get pancakes the second you get here :) ...thanks Dan-yeah lots of highs!

mia said...

hahaha- Jack! I guess your name is Jake now! oops. love you. bye.