Sunday, May 11, 2008

The update

I've had lots of adventures these past two weeks. It started out with a little road trip out of the country with Ally and Becca to attend Angie and Alan's wedding. I was then able to spend two days in IF with my parents, babysitting my precious neices. I loved every moment of it and miss my amazing family and the beautiful wide open spaces and night sky! :) Next stop, Provo to visit some of my favorite people(Jackie, Annette, Bianca and Brea), and eat some of my favorite food (Guru's, Happy Sumo, and 7-11 hot chocolate). On Friday I made my 7 am flight from SLC to Arizona thanks to my wonderful Aunt for the ride to the airport (thank you Louise!!). My first hour in Tuscan, Arizona was memorable as I had a taxi driver that drove the speed limit and told me anything and everything about the city the entire way (the taxi drivers don't do either of those things in NYC). I loved seeing Becca perform in her final dance performances, she was amazing! It was so fun hanging with her, seeing her condo, meeting her school buddies, and reminiscing about our summer together last year. Overnight flight back to NYC for work the next day and just when I was missing home, Jess flew in on Wednesday! We've had a blast with bride's maid dress shopping, movie watching, Brooklyn Bridge walking, NYC ballet performance and lots more fun planned for the next two days. Phew, that was a lot to catch up on.. it's been a crazy fun two weeks!

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Bianca and Greg said...

yes! i'm so glad to read your update. that was a whirlwind trip! i missed you the second you left....but so good to see your face. can't wait for OUR adventures in the city. love you!