Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The weekend highlights..

The movie Iron Man w/ Leslie- loved it!
Seeing the NYC dancer Robbie (remember my crush?!) on the Subway
Running in the park and kayaking in the hudson w/Andrew (visiting from CO)
Brunch at Sarabeth's w/ Ali, Kim, and McCall(visiting from UT)
McCall breakdancing and doing pull ups on random street corners
Ward activity in Central Park
Walking lots
Italian dinner at Maria Pia's
Going the the musical Hairspray for $20 (standing room only tickets, but luckily we found seats at intermission)
Thinking about Iron Man
Hauling 4 giant boxes of rice crispie treats to church for the linger longer
Making sandwiches in the kitchen at church with the missionaries
Catching up with Bart from Vega
Enjoying Ali and Kim's Serendipity creation
Meeting up w/ Andrew and Adam at 11:30pm in Times Square on Sunday night
Laughing at anything and everything Monday at work after having no sleep the whole weekend.. so worth it! :)


Rebecca said...

Sounds like it was a rockin' week MIA. I miss my girl. Call me let's celebrate being single, alive, and american

kez said...

Oh, I LOVED Iron Man!! And I'm pretty much set on marrying Tony Stark! haha

I'm so glad I know that you have a blog now! I'll be checking often :)


Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

Sounds like tons of fun!